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eCommerce Solution AGENCY

Get The Growth And Sales You Want

Are your customers abandoning their cart? Is your inventory gathering dust? There are many e-commerce sites on the market. A poorly designed store won’t stand out from the crowd and could hurt your company’s reputation. A sleek, powerful online store helps you make sales.

We are a leading eCommerce website design company that empowers businesses of all types to deliver an impressive online shopping experience. Our team of eCommerce experts design and create tailored and innovative web design and development services for all types of industries

Ecommerce Website

Design For Your Business

In today’s digital world, the importance of a well-designed ecommerce store for an online retail business is paramount. Your website should give a voice to your brand and help drive success. Whether you’re selling services or products, our ecommerce development and web design team can help you. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, technical skills, and passion, the expert team at AFTech Web Solutions will take your website to the level it needs to be.

All of the ecommerce websites that we design place emphasis on flawless features and convenient shopping experience for customers. However, we also take the time to ensure a website design service from start to finish with all of our clients. Before we begin any responsive eCommerce website design, we get to know your business and your customers first. This includes looking at your business requirements, market competition, target audience, and their preferences, as well as other aspects too. The result of our rigorous research and planning is a custom online store that centres around your business, outperforms your competitors, and generates maximum revenue.

Ecommerce Websites That Look Impressive And Perform

All of our ecommerce websites are designed to look impressive, but they also are built to perform. This means that we ensure all of the boxes are ticked to see your business grow and thrive in the online world. Here’s how we do it:

We’re specialists in creating eCommerce websites that appear in more searches, resulting in the best rank position on search engines. Our SEO puts all the strategies in place to make your website search engine friendly to generate maximum traffic and to target customers.

Our web designers use the latest design trends and creative ideas to create ecommerce stores that catch user’s attention straight away. Our ecommerce websites not only look impressive but they are capable of engaging visitors for long periods of time increasing the likeliness of sales.

Flawlessly functioning ecommerce businesses require the integration of essential tools. We understand this and so create your ecommerce website with the integration of essential business solutions/tools. This includes invoicing softwares, CRM softwares, inventory management systems, shipping providers, and any other requirements. We empower your business with these integrations online giving your ecommerce website the ability to handle growing business operations seamlessly.

Over half of you customers browsing online are going to be using mobile devices. We ensure that you don’t lose out on this market potential by creating a fully mobile responsive ecommerce website. The end product that we create looks and works to perfection to provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers.

We believe that an ecommerce store should be easy to maintain for owners without requiring frequent help from experts. We use various CMS platforms including WordPress, Shopify and Magento to develop bespoke ecommerce websites. The end product is easily manageable and can be tracked with confidence for total peace of mind. You’ll have full control over everything inclusive of updating product catalogues, managing prices, and more.

The main reason users visit your website will be to buy the products and services offered by your brand. We ensure that they are displayed in a creative way to boost conversion. We design ecommerce stores that perfectly highlight your products and encourage buyers to shop with you. attract visitors’ attention easily.

Adding products to your ecommerce store can be a difficult task in itself. We ensure that adding products is made as convenient as possible when designing and developing your ecommerce store. This allows you to update products to the backend whenever you need to in a matter of seconds.

Ecommerce Design And Development


The team at Rocket Webb use Magento to build tailored ecommerce websites for clients. The open source platform comes with a range of versatile and effective ecommerce solutions making it appropriate for any industry. It’s easy to use and convenient for business owners who need to upload products quickly.

Magneto allows you to manage multiple websites at one time, which can be great if you want to run your ecommerce business with the help of a network of other sites. Magento ecommerce stores offer attractive shopping experiences for customers using a desktop or mobile and is renowned for its responsiveness. When building with Magento, it’s easy to implement SEO tactics using Google content APIs, Google sitemaps, and its in-built SEO capabilities.

Packed full of tools, a Magento website can fulfill any eCommerce requirements. It facilitates instant purchases, has an up/cross sell ability with dynamic rule-based product relations, and many other useful aspects.

If you want an ecommerce website that adapts to your business needs and is enriched with features, Magento will work for you. Our talented developers understand how to use the various Magento features to the fullest to create a high-quality ecommerce store for your unique business needs.


WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin and has a high reputation in the ecommerce world. It is widely used to create responsive, feature-rich, and unique ecommerce websites. At Rocket Webb, we consider WooCommerce as a great choice for building ecommerce stores due to its user friendly interface and long list of useful features.

The open-source platform offers a complete range of features tailored to all businesses’ needs. By creating an online store with WooCommerce, you can effortlessly sell digital and physical products. It also allows you to add products to your online store directly and comes with a number of shipping options, unlimited product variations, and tax options too.

With a number of unique features and excellent functionality, it’s easy to manage orders, store and review customer information, upload and remove products, and much more.

WooCommerce is suitable for any sized business that wants to set up and run a successful ecommerce website. By using the platform integrated with WordPress, you can benefit from a customised store that is easy to manage. We ensure that you can make the most out of your ecommerce store by automating wider operations including email marketing and payments for more convenience.

Ecommerce Website
WordPress Ecommerce


As one of the most popular platforms out there it builds online stores, Shopify boasts a range of features. Easy to use and reliable, Shopify can be used to create any tailored ecommerce store with minimum hassle. Once built by us, the platform has everything you could need to customise your online store further and run it efficiently. With a Shopify website you can sell anything from digital to physical products as well as downloadable services too.

Though managing an online store may seem a challenge, with Shopify you’re in control. You don’t need to be a pro to get to grips with the different features which span creating customer accounts, analysing customer profiles, handling refunds, setting up a dropshipping store, and setting up fulfillment solutions including Amazon. As you can see, all online sales tasks are comfortable if you have a Shopify online store.


E-commerce Web Design that works

As an online store and e-commerce web design and development company we have been involved in creating and managing online stores for over 5 years already. Our customers vary from regular shopping carts and payments centers to banks and multinational consortiums. They have placed their business and interests on our ability of making something useful and appropriate to their requirements. Additionally, they are integrated with secured payment gateways and are mobile friendly. We have helped a number of businesses build successful ecommerce stores across leading platforms like MagentoShopify, WooCommerce and M-commerce. Taking care of the smallest details, and using the most advanced technology, we help you achieve definite success.

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Our Structured ECommerce Web Design Process

We never dive into any project or task without a clear and structured process in place. When it comes to ecommerce website design, here’s the steps we follow:


At AFTech Web Solutions, we want to know everything we can about your business to best set us up for a successful project. We begin by gathering useful information to help us design the most appropriate strategy for building your eCommerce store.


Client Initiation Documentation

Once we have all the required information we move onto preparing client initiation documents. This documentation outlines the project information needed to carry out each phase of the project with confidence.


Web Structure

A clear web structure is laid out to help us clarify and organise the content needed for your eCommerce website. This helps us to create a sitemap of your ecommerce website to act as its foundation.


Next, we move into creating a wireframe that acts as a visual guide. It showcases the rough framework of your ecommerce website. All of our wireframes are designed by carefully considering features and requirements.

Content Strategy

The way you structure your website content will impact visitors and should prompt them to make a purchase. We develop a unique and impressive content strategy by communicating with you or your team about requirements to maximise sales.


Once we have a proper content strategy and wireframe in place, we create mockups of your website. We use the best designing tools and latest design trends. Our mockups perfectly reflect your ecommerce brand and cover all necessary elements.

Design and Development

After you finalise the mockup, we move onto the design and development phase. While developing your ecommerce website, we consider all technical aspects including SEO, page speed, code clarity, and more. Your website code will be completely handwritten by our experienced developers for an impressive end product that performs.


We test your ecommerce site on multiple devices and browsers to ensure it functions flawlessly. We use different testing techniques and tools to identify if there are any design and development errors along the way before launching.


The final step is the launch of your new tailored ecommerce website. Once your website is live, we offer you seamless support and a maintenance service for as long as you may need.
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